About Us

FlightLine Golf Inc. Golf Course Construction Ontario

At FlightLine Golf Inc. we specialize in providing a full range of golf course construction and renovation services.

Founded in 2002, FlightLine Golf has become known in the industry and by our clients for providing a passionate and dedicated team of professionals who possess a commitment to exceptional quality, craftsmanship, service and the timely completion of projects. It is at the moment of realizing our clients vision that we find satisfaction, achieve success, and build our reputation.

Our Mission: To deliver the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service in our field of environmental construction, commercial landscaping and golf course construction. We strive to provide absolute ease and satisfaction to our clients, taking the stress out of renovation.

Our Vision: At FlightLine Golf Inc. we believe it is our people that make us who we are and therefore we strive to build strong connections with our team, our clients, and our fellow industry leaders. It is through the growth and development of those that we are connected with that we ultimately reach our company goals and achieve success.

Core Values: At FlightLine Golf Inc., we ensure that things operate smoothly by basing every decision we make on our Core Values! Like a well-oiled machine... SPECS of FlightLine Golf Inc.

Safety - At FlightLine Golf Inc we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees. We treat our team and our clients like family, and it is essential that members of our family are sent home in the same, or better, condition than which they arrived to work that day.
Profitability - supporting our growth and development and allowing us to give back to our community.
Equality – We believe in working as ONE team and achieve this through clear direction, open and honest communication, common goals, collaboration and trust.
Constant improvement - We invest in the ongoing growth and development of our people, our services and therefore our company.
Sustainability - We work closely with the natural environment and therefore it is our responsibility to support environmental sustainability; Minimize waste, Recycling, Carpool, Planting trees, etc.

Our Team

FlightLine Golf Inc. is driven by teamwork at the core. We could not do it without our dedicated crew!

Our aim is to recruit and retain the most talented, knowledgeable and dedicated people in the golf course construction industry. Our collective experience and skills enables us to complete projects and exceed our client's expectations.

Staff member bios coming soon, stay tuned to learn more about our amazing team.


The protection of our workers from injury or occupational disease is the highest priority in the organization. The commitment to an accident free workplace begins with the President of FlightLine Golf and extends, and is sustained, through a united effort by its employees, supervisors, and subcontractors.

All employees receive Ministry of Labor training in Health & Safety Awareness. All supervisors receive Ministry of Labor training in Occupational Health & Safety certification and Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness.

Safety is important to us and all our employees are Safe Certified in the equipment and work processes employed in the field. To get Safe Certified our employees complete a comprehensive online lesson, online exam, and pass a practical training checklist done by their Supervisor. This means that every employee is trained in hazard awareness, safe work practices, and operating techniques for every piece of equipment, tool and task they perform.

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