Our Process

  • Site Clearing & Erosion Control

    The protection of the natural environment is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that when clearing a site, moving earth or rocks, we maintain the protection of the surrounding water sheds and adjacent properties.

    Top Soil Management & Shaping

    We take absolute care when stripping/replacing and blending topsoil with sands or other materials, ensuring that the proper methods and materials are always used. Shaping is the operation that transforms existing terrain and rough graded earthwork into the finely contoured surfaces that the architect envisioned during their design.

  • Drainage & Irrigation

    Just as important as how the course looks from above is how it works from below. Our drainage teams have the experience to know which drainage system to use to solve any drainage problem.

    Green, Tee & Bunker Construction

    The successful construction of these key features requires experience, knowledge and creativity – all of which we bring in abundance.

  • Cart Path Construction & Water Features

    Cart Paths are integral to the functionality and aesthetics of the golf course. Our shapers blend new paths seamlessly into the existing topography and carefully hidden so not to interrupt the view of the golf hole. Our crews are experienced in the installation of geo fabric, stone, and grading to ensure positive surface drainage and final tie ins.

    Similarly, when constructing water features, we survey, excavate and line the ponds or the channels with erosion control fabrics and impermeable liners. Stonework that is both functional and decorative are carefully and strategically installed to ensure that the surrounding areas do not wash out or erode with varying flows and weather conditions.

  • Grassing & Landscaping

    Grassing options include mechanical seeding, hydro seeding, and sodding. Finishing touches may include plantings, decorative rock or armour stone retaining walls, waterfalls and streams that will be both functional and add memorable vistas to a golf course. Using our recognized expertise in this area we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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