At FlightLine Golf Inc. our belief is that all workplace accidents are preventable. Our philosophy is that the well-being of our company and clients is dependent on the health & safety of our workforce. Therefore, the protection of workers from injury or occupational disease is the highest priority in the organization. The commitment to an accident free workplace begins with the President of FlightLine Golf and extends, and is sustained, through a united effort by it’s employees, supervisors, and subcontractors.

All our workers receive Ministry of Labor training in Health & Safety Awareness. All our supervisors receive Ministry of Labor training in Occupational Health & Safety certification and Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness.

Safety is important to us and all our employees are Safe Certified in the equipment and work processes employed in the field. To get Safe Certified our employees complete a comprehensive online lesson, online exam, and pass a practical training checklist done by their Supervisor. This means that every employee is trained in hazard awareness, safe work practices, and operating techniques for every piece of equipment, tool, and task they perform.